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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising or "Search Engine Marketing" as it is commonly referred to is when a company or individual purchases advertising through one or more of the major search engines. PPC Advertising can be a very costly marketing technique if it is not done correctly. Depending on the keywords chosen, it can cost up to and sometimes over $10.00 every time someone clicks on your Pay Per Click ad. Each time one of your PPC ads are clicked on your profit margin declines. For instance when you are dealing with a low profit margin to start with, running an expensive search engine marketing campaign can actually cost you money with every sale!

Dynosoft has an online marketing team that has a lot of experience in dealing with Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising campaigns. In addition to researching the right keywords and creating the actual PPC ads, our team of online marketing specialists also incorporate Google Analytics so they can track conversions. A conversion is when a site visitor entering your website does what you want them to do. In the case of an online store, a conversion would be when a visitor actually purchases one of your products. By monitoring conversions, our online marketers can constantly monitor and tweak your PPC/search engine marketing campaign to maximize profitable sales potential without throwing away your hard earned money.


With the ever increasing popularity of social networking sites and the steady increase in the number of websites, Dynosoft is now offering SEO link baiting services. Link baiting is one of the most recent and more popular methods of online marketing.

What is Link Baiting?

Link Baiting can be any feature or content on a website that people may consider to be important. Essentially it is adding content to your website for the purpose of getting people to come to your website or link to your website. While it sounds simple enough, the actual process of performing link baiting can be quite time consuming. In order to interest people the topic should be something eye catching or exclusive.

How is Link Baiting done?

Link Baiting can be done by writing an informational article or a news article that will be of interest to others. Once your article is written it should be added as a new page on your website. The next step involves social networking websites like Linked In and Facebook. Link baiting in social media websites can not only help to increase your website traffic, but can also create a buzz about your topic. Links to your article should be posted on:

Facebook fan page: Post a short description that leaves visitors wanting to read more with a link to the article on your website. Instagram: Join a bunch of groups relating to your business and post a description and link to your article in the group discussions or news.

Why is Link Baiting Important?

The overall goal of link baiting is to increase a website’s search engine ranking. Link Bait is able to help increase website rankings in a few ways:

Adding informational page increases the amount of content on your website. The more content a website has the better its chances are of showing up high in search engines because you are able to draw people in from more keyword variations.

Placing links throughout social sites is likely to increase your website traffic. The number of link and quality of inbound links to your website are some of the most important values in Google’s search engine algorithm. Having a link on high ranking websites like Linked In and Facebook will help to increase your website’s ranking.

Posting new information on your website frequently is one of the most important methods of obtaining returning visitors. While unique visitors are wonderful, returning visitors also play a part in increasing your website’s ranking.

If you are interested in learning more about Link Baiting or Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising or SEO, you can contact our online marketing team at marketing@dynosoft.net or give us a call.

Dynosoft is not only a website design company but we also specialize in driving traffic to and marketing websites. Email Marketing is one of the best and most useful ways to drive traffic to a website. Email Marketing is when a business promotes their products or services via email. The email addresses used to market to typically are existing customers or people whom are interested in your services, so it is a very successful method of gaining traffic to your website while at the same time giving people incentives to use your company.

Dynosoft can perform email marketing in the form of email newsletters or email promos. Many companies like to stay in touch with clients regularly keeping them up to date on their company news by snail mailing out newsletters or mailing out promotional postcards or letters. Email marketing is a much more cost effective solution than snail mailing and can also help increase a website’s search engine ranking. Visit our Email Marketing Resource Page to learn more of the benefits of Email Marketing and Email Newsletters.

Pricing for Email Marketing varies based on each client’s needs. Custom Email Marketing Designs start at only $600. Mass mailing fees are an additional cost per email address. If you are interested in Email Marketing for your company Contact Dynosoft to get a quote for your campaign.


Dynosoft's marketing experts provide an Email Newsletter service to businesses wishing to increase their website traffic. Email Newsletters allow businesses stay in touch with their current or past customers to keep them apprised of any news or specials. Email Newsletters are a great way for businesses to entice past customers to use their services by offering an incentive. Dynosoft can put together monthly, weekly or even daily newsletters for businesses of all sizes and types. Pricing for email newsletters vary based on each companies needs and the amount of email addresses they wish to email. Email Newsletter Designs start at $600! Mass mailing fees are an extra fee based on the number of emails sent. Contact Dynosoft Business Solutions to get a quote for your companies email newsletter.


A Website’s Content is the key to showing up high in search engines which is why Dynosoft offers a professional content writing service. There are many things that need to be kept in mind when writing content for websites including: keyword maximization, grammar and spelling. Many web design companies require the client to provide content writing for their website but often time's clients don't know where to begin.

Dynosoft has professional and experienced content writers available for clients that want to have the best possible written content on their website. Our content writers not only use information that you provide, but they also perform a lot of research to ensure that the content we put on your website is accurate.

Pricing for content writers is on a per page basis. Contact Dynosoft for a quote if you are in need of professional content writing for your website.


Open source CMS systems like Drupal,Joomla and Wordpress may work well but they are also very bloated and bulky with a lot of unnecessary code and functionality that you may never use. This unnecessary code and functionality can seriously affect the load time of your website which has a direct affect on your ranking on popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. Dynosoft has addresses this issue with a custom developed simplified CMS system that can be integrated into any static or custom website.