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Desktop & Mobile App Development


Despite the many benefits of the mobile web, apps are still very popular, and there are a number of specific scenarios where an app will be your best choice. Generally speaking, if you need one of the following, an app makes sense:

Complex calculations or reporting – If you need something that will take data and allow you to manipulate it with complex calculations, charts, or reports (think banking or CRM systems), an app will accomplish the task effectively.
Native functionality or processing required – mobile web browsers are getting increasingly good at accessing certain mobile-specific functions, such as click-to-call, SMS, and GPS. However, if you need to access a user’s camera or processing power, an app will still do the job better.
No connection required – If you need to provide offline access to content or perform functions without a network/wireless connection, then an app makes sense.
Regular usage/personalization – If your target users will need personalized features for regular usage (think EverNote), an app will support those functions best.
Interactivity/gaming – for interactive games, an app is almost always going to be your best choice.

A business plan is a great way to figure out the viability of your app idea. This will require market research to identify your competition, demographics, expected profits and expenses. An app will not always sell itself, so understanding that marketing campaigns, whether using digital and/or traditional methods, will need to be identified in the planning process. Your competition might be well-established, having been in the market for months or years already, therefore their marketing budgets could be fairly substantial.

We put relationships first! While it may be less-expensive to outsource (we understand apps aren’t cheap), we want to work directly with you, face-to-face and make sure your app is a quality product with a perfect user-experience. As an experienced and eclectic team, we want to help you develop, innovate, and succeed.

Everything from design to launch happens in-house, and you’ll always be working closely with our staff to make sure you get that app in your mind, into a fully-functional, professional and polished app that you can be proud of. It’s important that we’re always on the right track and there are no surprises along the way.

Application design Flow


Once you have established the viability of your new app, you then need to figure out what people will be doing once they download or subscribe to your app. You should understand what functions will be performed and the user flow from login screen to final transaction. Which does each button do? What is the content and options on those pages?

Depending on the amount of functions contained within your app, the cost associated with development can escalate exponentially. We want you to have a rough idea, and hopefully a quick sketch-up of your own, so that we can provide a quote based on your how you envision your app to work.

It also helps cut down on the length of time for initial design and planning on our part, that way we can pass on greater savings to you as the client.

IOS & Android App Development


This is the question that everyone wants to know. The short answer is that you should probably contact us to find out.
The long answer is that there are a lot of factors that affect the cost of an app; design, types of interactivity, number of screens, admin and management systems, revenue model system, etc..

It’s difficult to give an exact quote without learning more from you first, so we typically want to have a meeting with you (if it’s possible), so that we can show you some examples of our work, and give you some ideas about time and cost. Meeting with us, or speaking with us on the phone is a great way to get an general idea, but what really helps everyone involved, is with a bit of pre-planning on your part to make sure nothing is overlooked when providing us with the details.